Greg Nicotero Teases 'Walking Dead' Season Three: 'There's A Lot Of Crushed Heads'

In the third season of "The Walking Dead," our favorite group of zombie apocalypse survivors needs to learn that it's time to fear the living.

With the introduction of David Morrissey as The Governor, AMC's hit drama finally has its first bonafide villain. Up until this point it had been the undead walkers who Rick, Lori, Daryl and the rest of their group had lived in fear of, but they'll soon learn that there's more evil in the world than just zombies once season three kicks off on October 14.

MTV News recently had the chance to catch up with "The Walking Dead" co-executive producer, director and special effects makeup artist Greg Nicotero while he was promoting the "The Walking Dead: Dead Inside" maze that is being built for Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights. He teased how the introduction of Morrissey as The Governor and Danai Gurira as Michonne will change the dynamic of the TV show, claiming it's "just another extension of where society has gone."

"One character in the show actually says, 'We were all worried about the walkers. You run into some other humans and they turn out to be worse,'" Nicotero said. "It's just adding a whole different level. David Morrissey's fantastic and Danai. Getting Michonne in there and the Governor, it's certainly interesting because in the first two seasons -- last season we added Hershell and Maggie and Beth -- it just feels like every season we pick up a couple new characters and lose a few which, you know, you've got to balance that."

This season Nicotero will direct episodes 5, 11 and 14 of "The Walking Dead" and also will cameo as a zombie himself at least once. He teased that some of his favorite sequences from Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" graphic novel appeared in the scripts he got to direct, so fans should expect that some familiar, iconic moments to appear in season three -- though Nicotero wouldn't give them away because they're "too spoilery."

"They're in the graphic novel. I'm happy that three of them are in one of my episodes, so I was happy that I was able to direct them," he said. "I was like, 'Ooh, this is good,' because I get to establish situations that play consistently throughout the rest of the season."

In season one there was Bicycle Girl, in season two there was Well Walker and Nicotero promised a similarly gruesome impressive zombie in season three. In fact, he said there will be several of them.

"I can't really give away many, but in the first episode alone there's some great moments. They get to the prison and [there are] characters that would have lived and died there that have resurrected. There's some cool [stuff]," he said.

But because ammunition continues to get harder and harder to find, Nicotero said Rick and company will have to come up with more creative (read: violent) ways to kill zombies.

"I think one of the things that we discovered in season three is, clearly in the world that we live in, ammunition is valuable. More valuable than anything else," he said. "The walker kills in season three tend to be a lot more hand-to-hand, so you have to get in close proximity to them. So, with that said, there's a lot of crowbars and there's a lot of hammers and there's a lot of crushed heads and smashed-in heads and axes and machetes and stuff like that."

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on October 14. Halloween Horror Nights kicks off with "Walking Dead: Dead Alive" and other Halloween mazes at both Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood starting September 21, and runs select nights through October 31.

What scene from the graphic novel do you most hope will be in "The Walking Dead" season three? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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