The Tom Hiddleston Effect: Project Wendy, Loki'd, 'Avengers' And Mustaches

by Joel Hanek (@joelhanek)

If you've been on the internets at all this year then you know that "The Avengers" has created some of the most fervent fandom in the comic-sphere. But what is it about the God of Mischief that's, well, just so charming?

In the spring of 2012, Mr. Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, came through the MTV News offices to film a skit that Josh Horowitz and I wrote for MTV After Hours. The sketch, "Loki'd," entailed a delusional version of Mr. Hiddleston benignly torturing our host over the span of a day. Not only did Tom prove to be the one of the nicest humans to exist (he stayed even longer than scheduled just to throw himself into boxes and writhe around on the floor), but he also turned out to be hilarious: while dressed up as "Steve," Tom decided on the spot to name his fake mustache "Wendy."

Which brings us to today, when #ProjectWendy began popping up all over Twitter.

Being the digital hermit that I am, I decided to investigate a bit further. It turned out that all of the photos related to #ProjectWendy weren't part of a global effort to promote mustache awareness but rather to celebrate the fan community and the man who brought Loki to life. Indeed, people all over the world are participating in #ProjectWendy. It was even trending in the UK!

Consider us Loki’d! You can see more photos of people wearing their Loki inspired mustaches by searching #ProjectWendy on Twitter. And for anyone who’s ever watched an After Hours segment, I very sincerely say thank you! You’re the best.

(A big shout out also goes to CJ Smith for editing “Loki’d” and, well, everything!)

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