Wonder Woman TV Series: What Do You Think?

Wonder Woman

It's perfectly okay if your first reaction to news of a brand new Wonder Woman TV series is not a positive one. After all, as those who got their hands on the David Kelley pilot can attest, the last go around was... not great, to say the least.

But there's reason to believe that The CW's reported take will be something worth watching. For one, Allan Heinberg is involved; anyone who has read his Young Avengers comics knows that this is good news. Secondly, on paper, the idea of young Diana running around Themyscira in all her early Amazon glory has lots of potential if executed properly. Finally, those who've seen the "Arrow" pilot know that The CW has a pretty solid grasp on that character at least — and while Diana and Oliver are apples and oranges in almost every meaningful way, it's a sign that the network is safe place for comic book shows to live.

Then again, it is hard to wash those David Kelley memories away...

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