'Arrow' Featurette Introduces Katie Cassidy's Dinah Laurel Lance

Katie Cassidy

Dinah Laurel Lance doesn't need superpowers to do good in the world.

That's the first thing we learned about Katie Cassidy's character when she was cast in "Arrow" back in February. In a new video released by The CW, Cassidy explains what she loves about her character's desire to help the 99 percent.

"Laurel is very driven. She is full of love and really, really wants to give back to the world as much as she can," she said, adding about the series' villain, "Adam Hunt, in this town, he's well known for taking advantage of the lower class and she goes after him. She's not afraid of it."

Of course, Laurel's sense of direction gets thrown on its head when Oliver Queen, the boyfriend she had long presumed dead, returns back to her life. The fact that he was said to have died while cheating on her with her sister seemed to help expedite Laurel's mourning process, but she still has conflicted feelings when he comes back looking for her after five years.

"He's the love of her life. I think that he was there for Laurel and vice versa until later in life when he made many mistakes and she sort of was left heartbroken," Cassidy said. "We all think that he's dead. He shows up one day and she doesn't know what to think or how to feel. She's completely confused and shocked."

Judging by the clips shown in the above video, Oliver is going to have to work really hard to win back Laurel's affections.

"Arrow" premieres on The CW on October 10 at 8 p.m.

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