Joss Whedon Compares 'Avengers' To Shakespeare

Joss Whedon

At the Toronto International Film Festival, Joss Whedon is switching gears from Earth's Mightiest Heroes to Earth's Mightiest Playwright with his adaptation of "Much Ado about Nothing." But even if the William Shakespeare tale has little in common with "The Avengers," Whedon still sees shared connections between the Bard and Nick Fury's rag-tag team of superheroes.

"There's a reason Tony Stark makes fun of Thor, and mentions Shakespeare in the Park in The Avengers," Whedon said in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. "It’s great to play high drama and comedy alongside a modern story. Shakespeare was shameless about that stuff, pop culture references."

"Much Ado is very much in the vein of the movies I make, which surprised me," the record-breaking director continued. "It’s not that different from The Avengers. It’s about finding why everyone is in the movie. What makes Ursula the maid shine? It was oddly similar."

As for whether or not Whedon has more Shakespeare in his future, that's not entirely clear just yet. But even with his massive Marvel deal on his plate, Whedon promised that he has room for other passion projects, including smaller, "Ado"-sized films and other assorted tales, like "Doctor Horrible 2."

"Anything that is not movie and TV," Whedon said of what he's allowed to work on while he's under his Marvel contract. "I can do web, comic books, macramé, art."

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