'Walking Dead' Season Three Poster: Fear The Living

Fight the dead. Fear the living.

Those are the words of caution that grace the new poster for "The Walking Dead," and they couldn't be more appropriate. With The Governor acting as the villain at the center of season three, we will quickly learn that some of the humans who survived the zombie apocalypse are far more deadly than the undead ones.

The poster shows off the new prison setting of the series, but it also teases some major changes for the new season. Read our analysis after the jump!

The first thing we noticed about this poster is the fact that it's one of the first Rick-centric one sheets where we actually see his face. Season one had the iconic shot of Rick riding a horse into Atlanta, while season two had him running toward Hershell's farm, but both had shots of him moving away from the audience.

Now Rick has stopped running. In this poster, we see him ready to stand up and fight, though it will be interesting to find out who he's pointing that gun at. The tagline would imply he's pointing it at The Governor, but it also could be Merle, the character who gets killed off this season or someone we haven't met yet. Regardless, it's clear that things are going to change in season three.

"The Walking Dead" returns on October 14.

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