'Dredd 3D' Clip Introduces A World Worth Saving


Mega-City One might not be a place that we'd want to live, but it still has people worth saving.

That's the lesson that Olivia Thirlby's character Judge Anderson imparts to Karl Urban's Judge Dredd a new clip from the upcoming movie "Dredd 3D," courtesy of Digital Spy. The scene sets up the dynamic between the jaded Dredd and the rookie Anderson. It seems as though she might be the one to push Dredd to take the threat of Lena Headey's Ma-Ma Madrigal seriously and to do everything he can to protect the population that is being corrupted by the drug Slo-Mo. As Dredd put it in previous trailers, "Ma-Ma's not the law. I'm the law."

Based off the 2000 AD comic book icon, "Dredd" takes place in the futuristic world of Mega-City One, where a reality-altering drug called Slo-Mo has turned into a plague destroying the city’s populous. It’s up to Judges Dredd and Anderson to stop Ma-Ma from spreading Slo-Mo throughout the city. But their interference causes Ma-Ma to wage a vicious war on the Judges, and she'll stop at nothing to make sure her drug empire is safe. The movie hits theaters in the US on September 21.

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