Jim Carrey Officially Joins 'Kick-Ass 2' Cast

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is officially ready to kick your ass. After weeks of speculation, the legendary "Ace Ventura" comedian will make his Millarworld by playing Justice Forever founder and hero Colonel Stars in "Kick-Ass 2," director Jeff Wadlow's sequel to the Matthew Vaughn action flick.

Mark Millar, writer and co-creator of the "Kick-Ass" comic books, hopped on his official website to confirm the news and express his excitement over Carrey's casting, a deal that was "a little over two years" in the making.

"Matthew Vaughn, Jeff Wadlow and I did a conference call with Jim a couple of weeks back and we've been itching to talk about this ever since because the energy Jim's going to bring to Colonel Stars has me buzzing as much as Nic Cage with Big Daddy," Millar wrote.

He continued, "I've been a fan since I first saw him. I remember reading an interview with Spielberg, a great one back in Empire for a JAws anniversary, where he was saying that Jim would be his choice for Chief Brodie were he shooting Jaws now. He said he could see the brilliant dramatic range Jim had as well as the comedy people knew him for at that time. For all these reasons, combined with the conversation we had with him on the phone, I'm so genuinely excited about this. I can't wait to see what he does once the cameras are on."

As for further casting developments, Millar teased, "The movie runs from Hit-Girl #1 to Kick-Ass 2 #7 and fans of the comic will know that the part of Uncle Ralphie is still to be announced. He's the big bad from the Hit-Girl series and you, my friends, are in for a treat."

Consider us intrigued!

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