'Iron Man 3' Armors Up With New Radioactive Rumors

Iron Man

Iron Man already owns seven suits of armor. What's forty more between friends?

A new rumor is floating around suggesting that Tony Stark isn't just getting the one requisite armor upgrade for "Iron Man 3," but a walloping 40 new suits to his name. How and why does our hero make such a massive change to his arsenal? The answer falls firmly under spoiler territory, so read on at your own risk!

According to Latino Review, the new armor unveiled at Comic-Con isn't the Mark VIII armor, but the Mark XLVII. Tony develops this suit in response to the Extremis-endowed foes he's up against in "Iron Man 3." Basically, Tony can use the Mark XLVII "to control multiple Iron Man suits," as many as 40, giving him an army of human-free Iron Men all under his direct supervision. Forty high-tech armored soldiers all controlled by one eccentric egomaniacal billionaire? Precisely what the world needs!

In other potential "Iron Man 3" news, there's another rumor making the rounds that Chinese actor Wang Xueqi has been cast as Chen Lu, a scientist who eventually becomes Radioactive Man. It's further rumored (and far from confirmed) that Chen Lu will be featured in the upcoming "Ant-Man" movie.

Apply big pinches of salt to both stories for the time being.

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