'Watchmen' Collector's Edition Presents Zack Snyder's Dream Adaptation


Who watches the Watchmen? The answer could be you, if you're interested in getting your hands on the collector's edition boxed set that Warner Bros. is releasing for the 2009 movie.

This new collection promises to be the most indepth look at "Watchmen" we've had yet. Zack Snyder's adaptation of Alan Moore's beloved graphic novel hit theaters three years ago and a director's cut was later released to DVD and Blu-ray, but this edition will include Snyder's initial vision for the project: "Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut." Basically it will be the director's cut with "Tales of the Black Freighter" interspersed, which Snyder had previously said was the way he wanted to adapt Moore's novel.

The special edition will also include the complete motion comic, two hours of special features, the original theatrical version of "Watchmen," a hardcover version of the graphic novel and a great case to hold it all in. Super Hero Hype alerted us to the release of this collector's edition, and also says it will retail for $74.99. It should be available for pre-order soon.

Though it's been three years since "Watchmen" first hit theaters, the movie has stuck with us since. When we caught up with Jackie Earle Haley back in May, he told us that he felt the same aftereffects.

"What was funny about Rorshach is that his head space sort of started to invade mine, that guy sorta stuck with me for awhile and I had to shake him off," Haley said. "But he was a real interesting cat to play."

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