John Barrowman Offers Cryptic Details On His 'Arrow' Character, The Well-Dressed Man

John Barrowman

Exactly who is John Barrowman playing on "Arrow," anyway? When he was announced for The CW series, it was widely believed that he'd be playing someone familiar to DC Comics readers. But based on his recent comments, it doesn't seem that we're any closer to learning his character's true identity beyond one key feature: he wears really nice clothing.

At Fan Expo this past weekend, Barrowman took to the stage and provided some vague clues about what to expect from his "Arrow" character, who only goes by the name "The Well-Dressed Man" for right now.

"More is going to be revealed about him," he teased at the convention, as picked up by Spinoff Online. "But he'll be pivotal to the program."

Barrowman, best known for his "Torchwood" and "Doctor Who" appearances as Captain Jack Harkness, added that he's excited to continue working within the confines of a fantastic fictional story, albeit one that's closer to reality than those aforementioned shows.

"I'm glad I'm going into another kind of realm of sci-fi and fantasy," he said. "It's time to create another cool character."

Based on his comments about "sci-fi and fantasy," which goes against the show's writers' previous comments about "Arrow" staying firmly grounded in reality, one wonders if Barrowman might be playing one of the grander characters in the DC Universe after all. Stay tuned, as they say.

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