'Walking Dead' To Kill A Series Regular In Season Three

Walking Dead

The days of Dale and Shane are over. Easily two of the most important and interesting characters during the first two seasons of "The Walking Dead," the AMC zombie drama proved that it won't pull its punches with major character deaths by pulling Jeffrey DeMunn and Jon Bernthal's survivors off the playing field.

Needless to say, the bar was raised by those back-to-back killings, and "Walking Dead" will continue to up the ante with its third season. TV Line reports that yet another series regular is going to bite the dust in season three, though the exact who and when remains entirely unknown.

"I can confirm that a series regular will become zombie kibble during Season 3," reports Michael Ausiello, "but whether that death takes place in the first half or second half I can't say."

Fans of the comic books don't need to look too hard at the cast list to identify the most likely character to meet their maker come season three. We'll keep that person's name under wraps for the sake of those who haven't read the comics, but let's just say it's someone who has previously voiced his or her desire to see their character killed off in the name of furthering the story. Dig around the Splash Page archives and you'll see who we're talking about.

Then again, "Walking Dead" has proudly demonstrated its willingness to depart from the source material time and time again. Dale dies much earlier on the show than he does in the comics. Shane dies much later in the show than in the comics. Heck, Sophia was killed in season two and she's still kicking around the comics. In other words, don't expect anything except the unexpected when it comes to "Walking Dead."

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