Robert Downey Jr. Shines In 'Avengers' Blu-ray Exclusive

It's probably safe to say that there wouldn't be an "Avengers" if it wasn't for the pitch-perfect performance Robert Downey, Jr., gave in the first "Iron Man." He set the tone for the rest of the Marvel Universe movies and "The Avengers," when it came time for the superheroes to cross paths.

In this exclusive clip from the upcoming Blu-ray release of the year's biggest movie, director Joss Whedon and some of Downey's cast members share their thoughts about "The Godfather of The Avengers," as Chris Hemsworth refers to him.

"Robert, he's kind of like the leader of the band," Whedon says. "He's the guy who just wants to take things in hand and make everyone comfortable, bring in the new guys, bring it all together and be at the center of it. And he does it beautifully."

"The Avengers" hits Blu-ray and DVD on September 25.

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