'Premium Rush' Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Our Hero Of The Week

John Blake

The second leg of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's kick-ass summer action movie tour hits theaters today: "Premium Rush," the bike messenger thrill ride starring future General Zod actor Michael Shannon. In other words, here's your one and only chance to see what a Robin versus Zod duel might look like with these Oscar-worthy actors in the roles.

Gordon-Levitt earns Hero of the Week status here on Splash Page, not just because of "Premium Rush" as a film, but because of the blood, sweat and tears he puts into his work — specifically the blood part.

During filming on "Rush," Gordon-Levitt was thrown into a cab and walked away with 31 stitches in his arm. Terrifying for everyone involved with the film, but for the actor? It was nothing.

"Yeah, 31 stitches in the arm. It happens," he said when MTV News spoke with him recently. "You gotta bleed for the art, man."

That's the exact kind of guy we want handling our Batman franchise going forward. Except it doesn't sound like he'll be under the cape and cowl at all in the future. Gordon-Levitt has been very clear that "Dark Knight Rises" represents the end of the Christopher Nolan franchise, and that Robin John Blake's discovery of the Bat Cave was not meant to be a "to be continued."

"Honestly, a lot of people talk about the ending of that movie being the set up for a sequel. I don't think that's necessarily what it is," he told MTV. "I think it's a great, perfect ending for that trilogy."

If that's the last we see of JGL as Robin, then at least he went out on a high note. And if nothing else, we have plenty more to look forward to from the man who could have become Nightwing — "Looper" is just around the bend, after all, and if any movie can show up "Dark Knight," that one is a likely contender.

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