Wolverine Makes His 'Last Stand' With Hot Toys


"X-Men: The Last Stand" is many things, but "universally adored" is not one of them. The rushed killing of Cyclops, the pointless Angel arc, yet another plot to depower all of the world's mutants, the Brett Ratner factor — when stacked up against those first two "X-Men" films, "Last Stand" falls very short, to put it nicely.

But if there are any redeeming qualities about the film, it's that Hugh Jackman remains as badass as ever as Logan. And because the world doesn't have enough Wolverine action figures, the Hot Toys gang have taken it upon themselves to honor Jackman's performance and (sigh) Ratner's X-flick by launching their very own "Last Stand" Logan figure.

See some photos past the break!

Say what you will about "The Last Stand," but it's hard to argue against a Jackman-authentic Wolverine toy standing atop a severed Sentinel head base. (He could use an extra, less toothy head sculpt or two, though...) If nothing else, it's a nice warm-up to the Samurai Logan figure we're sure to get when "The Wolverine" rolls into theaters next summer. (If we don't get that, someone's getting clawed.)

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