Joseph Gordon-Levitt Had No Costume Conversations With 'Dark Knight Rises' Team

John Blake

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's days of wearing the cape and cowl are over well before they even really started.

Despite the alluring ending of "The Dark Knight Rises," particularly for JGL's character John Blake, it looks like the "Premium Rush" actor won't be suiting up in any capacity for a future Batman film, at least not one set in the Christopher Nolan universe.

"Sure," he told MTV News when asked if he's ever confronted by fans asking about his Batman future. "But it's not up to me."

Gordon-Levitt said while it was "awesome" to get to be a part of Nolan's Gotham City, he doesn't view the ending of "Rises" as anything more than the last great act of a great trilogy, not any kind of set-up for the future.

"Honestly, no. We never talked about that," he said about any theoretical conversations he had with Nolan about Blake's future after stepping into the Bat-Cave. "And honestly, a lot of people talk about the ending of that movie being the set up for a sequel. I don't think that's necessarily what it is. I think it's a great, perfect ending for that trilogy."

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