‘Dredd’ Viral Campaign: ‘Say No To Slo Mo’

Before judgment can come, we first need to learn why Mega City One needs it.

There’s only one month to go until “Dredd” hit theaters, and Lionsgate has released a series of viral websites to help introduce fans to the world of the film. First Showing noticed a little website called the Dredd Report, a spin on the Drudge Reports that plays around with the most popular news stories going on today. Take the headline “Judge Dogg Renames Himself Judge Lion,” for instance. “Dredd” will certainly be Snoop’s favorite movie of the year.

The Dredd Report features links to two other locations: The Peach Tree News and a public service announcement called “Say No To Slo Mo.” Since “Dredd” takes place in the part of Mega City One called Peach Tree where villain Ma-Ma Madrigal (Lena Headey) has been dealing massive amounts of the drug Slo Mo, both of these new sites are clever ways to introduce the new concepts to audiences without shoving them down their throats.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.