'Avengers' Gag Reel Makes Coulson's Death Hilarious


"Are you going to have a gag reel in this thing, like 'Smokey and the Bandit?'" asks Robert Downey Jr. Well, come on, Tony Stark — you know the answer to that!

There is indeed a gag reel attached to the upcoming "Marvel's The Avengers" Blu-ray and DVD release, and only it could make the death of Agent Coulson absolutely hilarious. The gag reel has surfaced online at a number of sites including Superhero Hype.

Check it out below!

So, some things I just learned:

» Cobie Smulders does a great "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN," and should have been allowed to express her inner Kirkisms further.

» Tom Hiddleson does an even better Severus Snape impression.

» The dynamic between RDJ and Mark Ruffalo looks just as hilarious as the dynamic between Stark and Banner.

» Chris Evans takes forever to get suited up.

» Bruce Banner is a total wuss.

"Avengers" hits home video on September 25. That date cannot possibly come soon enough.

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