'Iron Man 3' Was 'Refreshing' For Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall is having a lot of fun making "Iron Man 3." But if she told you anything more than that, Tony Stark would have her repulsor rayed.

The British actress spoke with ET Online about joining the third outing in Marvel's flagship franchise, but she wouldn't elaborate on what it's been like working with Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle or any other number of the talented stars involved in the film. Instead, Hall opened up about why she wanted to be a part of something as big as the "Iron Man" series, undoubtedly one of the highest profile film projects she's associated herself with to date.

"I decided to do Iron Man 3 because I've never done the 'Hurry Up And Wait' movie before," she said. "Even the studio movies I've done have been small studio movies, or indie films that we made on a wing and a prayer. I love those, but Iron Man is refreshing in a way because it's something out of my realm of experiences."

Beyond that, Hall was tight-lipped. She said that while her character follows in the footsteps of other strong females we've seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she can't "possibly tell you more without giving something big away."

"It's really weird," she added. "I don't quite know what to say or what not to say. I'm guaranteed to put my foot in it at some point."

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