'Captain America' Sequel Eyes Anna Kendrick, Felicity Jones And Imogen Poots For Female Lead

Anna Kendrick

When Captain America next throws his mighty shield, it won't be Peggy Carter on the receiving end of his affections. Instead, a new female lead is being cast for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," and if we had to place a bet, smart money would say the role is Sharon Carter, Peggy's niece and premier S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Much more certain than whether or not it's Sharon that directors Joe and Anthony Russo are trying to cast is a list of actors the duo is looking at. Page Six reports that three different stars are in the running for the "Cap" sequel's female lead: Anna Kendrick, Imogen Poots and Felicity Jones.

Of the three, Kendrick is my favorite for the role. She's also the only American actress in the group; it might prove a better fit for Poots or Jones, who would follow in fellow British actor Hayley Atwell's footsteps. That said, there are ways to allow for Peggy to have an American descendant in Kendrick's Sharon. And who knows? Maybe Kendrick, a former Oscar nominee, could pull off a British accent. Anything is possible!

(Speaking of anything being possible, what if the role producers are looking to fill isn't Sharon at all, but Sin, daughter of Red Skull and active participant in the "Winter Soldier" comics? Kendrick as the gun-toting murderous daughter of one of history's most ruthless war criminals — that's a movie I'd love to see.)

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