Clark Gregg Becomes Vision In Lifelike Sculpture


We're big fans of the Agent Coulson as Vision theory around these parts. So needless to say, we're always happy to see the theory catching on with other fans — especially talented, creative fans like Sculpture and Makeup Effects Forum user bhsfx.

The folks at Comic Book Movie have unearthed bhsfx's incredible (and currently incomplete) sculpt of what actor Clark Gregg would look like as the Avengers' resident android, and I have no further words to add other than "wow," "oh man," and "yes please."

Take a gander beyond the jump!

In other Vision news, there are rumors floating around connecting Vin Diesel to the role. I have an incredibly hard time imagining that casting panning out (said the guy who is still clinging onto Gregg-as-Vision with dear life), but if you're interested in the rumor, check out some details over here.

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