Jeff Smith's 'Bone' Moving Slow, 'RASL' Speeding Up Towards The Big Screen

Bone and RASL

Back in January, Jeff Smith's "Bone" made its biggest stride towards the big-screen in quite some time. P.J. Hogan was attached to direct, with "Greek" creator Patrick Sean Smith hired to tackle the script. But eight months later, things have yet to move much further, according to Smith himself.

"I like everybody involved. They’re all working very hard on it, but it’s becoming apparent to me that I write comics that are just incredibly hard to adapt into movies," the cartoonist told Paste Magazine in a new interview. "So I don’t know. They’re still rewriting the scripts and it’s still in motion. They’re still trying to make it happen."

"Everything I’ve seen I’ve thought was very good," he continued. "I like the director on a personal level, and I think his movies are very interesting and good. I'm just waiting for the studio to say they’re happy with the script and get it going. I know Animal Logic is chomping at the bit to get started."

On a better track, it seems, is an adaptation of "RASL," Smith's ongoing sci-fi comic about a dimension hopping art thief. According to Smith, the option for "RASL" has been picked up by Wigram Productions and Warner Bros., the same team who produced the recent "Sherlock Holmes" movies.

"They’re working like hell on it," he said. "I just got a new 'RASL' script this weekend as a matter of fact, so I just read it and I know this weekend another 'Bone' script is going to drop. So like I said, everybody’s working really hard on it. Just got to get the stars to line up."

As for who could star as RASL in the film? "Every now and then I’ll see an actor, and a young Charles Bronson is just like RASL," said Smith. "What do I know? Half the time I was picturing Brad Pitt, the other half of the time I was picturing Matt Damon. But I don’t really think about that too much."

Big thanks to The Beat for pointing this out!

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