Five Superheroes For 'Cosmopolis' Director David Cronenberg


by Ryan Rigley

When recently asked his opinions on "formidable directors," such as Christopher Nolan, moving into superhero movie territory, David Cronenberg was quick to express his lack of interest in the genre as a whole. "I think it's still Batman running around in a stupid cape," the "Cosmopolis" director stated on the subject. "I just don't think it's elevated."

Cronenberg is perhaps best known for the sci-fi and horror films that he made early in his career, i.e. "The Fly," "Videodrome," and "Scanners." It's no wonder that he can see the art in a horror movie, but not in a superhero movie. However, what Cronenberg fails to realize is that there's a wide array of "heroes" in the superhero genre; some of them even stemming from horror and/or sci-fi concepts.

With that said, we've taken the liberty of compiling a list of five superhero properties that would be perfect for David Cronenberg. Check 'em out after the jump!


Boston Brand is a former circus trapeze artist turned heroic ghost. After being murdered by a mysterious assassin known as the Hook, Boston is given the ability to possess any living being by the Hindu goddess Rama Kushna. What's different about "Deadman" is that there are no real supervillains; Deadman just goes from one living person to the next, balancing the scales of life and death with the hopes of solving the case of his own murder. Kind of like the psychic detective in Stephen King's "The Dead Zone," which Cronenberg directed in 1983.

Machine Man

Android Z2P45-9-X-51 is the last of a series of sentient robots created for the U.S. Army by robotics expert Dr. Abel Stack. Unlike the 50 androids that came before him, X-51 is given a human face and raised as a son to Dr. Stack instilling in him a sense of loyalty to the human race. After Dr. Stack dies trying to protect X-51, the android assumes the human name Aaron Stack and is pursued relentlessly by the U.S. Army. If movies like "Videodrome" and "The Fly" could so effortlessly combine human flesh and robotic circuitry, just imagine how awesome Cronenberg's androids would look!

Hellstorm: Son of Satan

Daimon Hellstrom is the son of Satan and a mortal woman named Victoria Wingate. Both Daimon and his sister, Satana, are trained in the art of dark magic by their father; Satana embracing her dark heritage and Daimon clinging to his humanity. After their mother learns of her husband's true identity, the two children are separated. Daimon eventually becomes a professor of anthropology, devoting his life to occult investigations utilizing his knowledge of demonology and exorcisms. Some of Cronenberg's earliest films were straight, by the book horror movies; can you imagine a superhero movie that's actually scary as well?

Swamp Thing

After scientist Alex Olsen is caught in a huge lab explosion, he is physically altered by various chemicals and arcane forces within the nearby swampy. The explosion, as it turns out, was deliberately caused by Olsen's co-worker, Damian Ridge, in order to kill Olsen and romance his wife, Linda. However, Olsen returns from the dead as the monstrous Swamp Thing and kills Ridge before he can get to his wife. However, Linda doesn't recognize him anymore and the Swamp Thing is forced to reside in the boggy home from whence he came. Cronenberg has already had ample experience in turning his protagonist into a full-fledged monster with his remake of "The Fly."

Booster Gold

After his dead-beat dad convinces him to purposefully throw his football games, Michael Jon Carter is forced to take up a night watchman position at the Metropolis Space Museum of the 25th century. It is here that he first takes an interest in the great superheroes of the 20th century. Stealing some high tech gadgets from the exhibit and using a time machine on display, Carter travels back in time. Utilizing his knowledge of historical events and future technology, Carter stages a series of high-publicity heroics in order to make a company based around himself which would allow him to live comfortably in the future. A while back, there was a rumor of Cronenberg remaking a Spanish movie called "Timecrimes." "Booster Gold" would be treading similar territory, what with the time travel and the messing with the future and all.

Which superheroes would you like to see Cronenberg handle? List out your suggestions in the comments below or on Twitter!