Director Joe Carnahan Speaks Out On 'Daredevil' Vision


Joe Carnahan's "Daredevil" does not appear to be going forward, at least not at Fox. The "A-Team" and "The Grey" filmmaker posted two sizzle reels of what his "Daredevil" film might have looked like, featuring a gritty aesthetic that would have brought Hell's Kitchen into the 1970s. An interesting take to be sure, but one that doesn't look likely to fly.

With the project all but kaput, Carnahan spoke at length about his plans in an interview with The Radio Dan Show (via Collider), saying that he was brought into the "Daredevil" fold "pretty late in the game."

"My take probably didn't help matters since they had an existing script. But I just thought that if you were going to do it, this was the way to go. This is the way that intrigued me," he said about his '70s take on the Man Without Fear.

"It was initially something I passed on because Christopher Nolan had done such a lovely job with Batman and unless you’re going to go after that trilogy, then that’s how you have to think," he added. "You can’t out-hurdle that, then what’s the point of trying? So it set the bar extraordinarily high, and I thought ‘Well, if we’re going to do this, let’s have a discussion about Hell’s Kitchen, and how it was really Hell’s Kitchen in the 70s,' so that got me really excited."

Carnahan continued, saying that the October deadline "wasn't tenable" for his vision. "And having gone down this road in the past when you’re trying to write something and shoot it at the same time is disastrous, and I think you’d need an adequate amount of time to put that script together in the right way," he explained, adding that his brother Matthew Michael Carnahan was interested in writing the project with him.

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