'Avengers' Star Clark Gregg Confesses Secret Joss Whedon Love Affair


It's no secret that Clark Gregg and Joss Whedon get along. Whedon cast Gregg in a lead role in his Shakespeare adaptation "Much Ado About Nothing" shortly after doing away with his fan-favorite Agent Coulson in "Marvel's The Avengers" — an ultimate form of endearment for the geek-friendly filmmaker, as fans can attest.

But we had no idea that the love shared between Gregg and Whedon went this far. A Twitter user asked Gregg whether or not he was dropped by Marvel because he was having an affair with Whedon — and Gregg's answer, "I can't lie anymore," came equipped with a photo that would surely shut S.H.I.E.L.D. servers down for a hot minute or two.

See the tweet and photo below!

If nothing else, it's nice to see that they've kissed and made up over Coulson's demise. And perhaps it's the beginning of something beautiful — say, Coulson's resurrection as Vision? It could happen!

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