'Star Trek' Villain Joins 'Thor: The Dark World' Cast

Borg Queen

Christopher Eccleston isn't the only big meanie terrorizing Asgardians everywhere in 2013. If her past resume is any indication, newly minted "Thor: The Dark World" actress Alice Krige is likely to help him bring the pain to their hammer-wielding nemesis.

Krige, best known to fans for her roles in "Star Trek: First Contact" and "Silent Hill," has joined the cast of the "Thor" sequel, according to Comic Book Movie. Their report states the actress revealed her involvement during a recent appearance at the Star Trek: Las Vegas Convention.

Don't get too excited yet, however, as Krige reportedly said her role is fairly small and she might not be all that recognizable. (In other words, think about how you could barely recognize Colm Feore as Laufey, King of the Frost Giants, in the first "Thor." Also, if you don't know who Colm Feore is, leave at once.)

Based on the size of the role, her description of the character being unrecognizable, and what we already know about "The Dark World" plot thus far, it sounds like Krige could well be playing Alflyse, queen of Svartalfheim and the Dark Elves. Until an announcement is made, however, we'll just have to consider this one a bit of a rumor for now.

Regardless, I think we can all agree that the "Thor" sequel needed more Borg Queen. Well, that's exactly what we're getting, from the sound of things!

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