'Walking Dead' Midseason Finale Wraps In Woodbury


In just two months, the dead shall walk the earth once more — but right now, the monstrous undead are taking a much deserved five.

"Walking Dead" writer and executive producer Robert Kirkman tweeted news earlier today that production on the show's midseason finale has just wrapped. Season three, currently shooting, clocks in at a whopping 16 episodes total, with eight eps airing in the fall and another eight in 2013. Looks like the team is halfway home!

Beyond that news, Kirkman also tweeted out the above photo from the show's Woodbury set. Woodbury, for those who haven't read the comic books, is a small community of survivors who have banded together under the leadership of Philip Blake, a twisted son of a bee-sting best known as the Governor. A safe haven on the surface, Woodbury's true colors emerge through very violent means, on more levels than one.

David Morrissey is the lucky actor getting to sink his teeth into the Governor, a character that showrunner Glen Mazzara has described as a self-declared messiah.

"I think he believes that this apocalypse is all about him," he told MTV News back at Comic-Con. "This is his opportunity to become a great man in world history. He'll be the one to rebuild civilization. He'll be the one to lead people out of the darkness, and they conquered the zombies. Well, that's a tall order, for anyone. But that's what he wants. He feels that this is his opportunity. That makes him quite driven to achieve that goal. That's exciting to see what this man is willing to do to achieve that."

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