Which 'Justice League' Heroes Could Ben Affleck Play?

Okay. So Ben Affleck is at least being considered to direct "Justice League." And the original report suggests that since Affleck only wants to direct movies he can also star in, it's likely the "Gone Baby Gone" actor would slip into some spandex as one of the team's many heroes. Considering that the one-time "Daredevil" star has outright said he's done with superheroes, I have a hard time seeing him wanting to play any of the Justice Leaguers, even if he does wind up stepping behind the camera.

In the spirit of that, we've called upon the PhotoShop skills of our MTV News utility belt* to help us all visualize the actor-director as a DC Comics icon. Click the photo below to see for yourself, and read on for analysis!


It's a little soon to start thinking of actors to done the cape and cowl, but with "Dark Knight Rises" out of the way, that casting process is going to start sooner rather than later, like it or not. Affleck's actually not a bad pick for the role. He's come a long way as an actor and, especially, as a filmmaker. A 40-year-old Bruce Wayne lording over a Justice League consisting of mostly twenty-somethings is something I'd love to see, and Affleck could bring a lot to the table in that role.


The easiest, most obvious choice for Affleck to play. He's already embodied the Man of Steel by channeling George Reeves in "Hollywoodland," after all. But there's the Henry Cavill factor to consider — if "Man of Steel" is a hit (and perhaps even if it isn't), Warner Bros. would be wise to keep Cavill on as Superman to mimic the continuity seen in the Marvel movies. And if Affleck thought Daredevil's spandex was bad, try wearing underwear on the outside of your costume. It ain't pretty.

Green Lantern

I'm all for recasting Green Lantern in the "Justice League" movie. After the failure of "Lantern" in 2011, there's no need for Ryan Reynolds, or even Hal Jordan, in the upcoming superhero team-up. Affleck would be a solid choice to play the strong-willed Hal, I think, but I also think I'm not alone in hoping the movie goes for a different member of the Lantern Corps — say, John Stewart. (Perhaps Affleck would work better as Hal's good pal Barry Allen, the fastest man alive?)


Warning: you can never unsee this.

Wonder Woman

Big warning: you can really never unsee this.

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