'Dark Knight Rises' Parody: Bane Lives Happily Ever After


What happened to Bane after the credits on "Dark Knight Rises" rolled? A certain smoking gun holds one possible answer to that question. But as was the case in "Clue," there's an alternate ending at play here, one in which the masked back-breaker doesn't meet such an unhappy end, and actually gets to move on with his life in peace — except for when he needs to call AAA. The peace stops there.

In a new Funny or Die video, "SNL" veteran Chris Kattan imagines what life after "Rises" is like for Bane. It's a pretty happy, mundane existence, really, with few problems to speak of. "Newsroom" has proven a little bit boring for Bane's tastes (though he remains an Aaron Sorkin fan), his hat collection is coming along quite nicely (though he only has five hats thus far), and his flute skills are impressive, considering the mask.

See what Bane's been up to in the video past the jump!

"Sometimes I miss ripping out people's throats and threatening the world with a nuclear bomb," Bane confesses towards the end of the video. Makes sense, then, that he's still in anger management and will spend the next 275,000 hours performing community service as penance for holding Gotham hostage for five months.

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