Joss Whedon's Marvel TV Show: What Should It Be?

Joss Whedon

Not only is Joss Whedon directing Marvel's "Avengers" sequel, he's also helping to develop a live-action Marvel TV series for ABC. Beyond that bit of information, everything is speculative — from whether or not this is the rumored show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to the exact characters Whedon and Marvel plan to focus their program on.

So, while we're in the rumor stage, how about we join in on the fun and pick a few shows we think are right up Whedon's alley? Given his proven track record with ensemble series and the way he handled a certain angry scientist in "Avengers," here are five Marvel properties we think Whedon could bring to the small screen.

"Heroes For Hire"

A billionaire martial artist meets a street-smart brawler with boundless power. Really, if there's a mismatched dynamic duo more perfect for Whedon than Danny Rand and Luke Cage, I'm hard pressed to think of it. A "Heroes for Hire" show could draw upon numerous characters from the Marvel U, too, far beyond Misty Knight and Jessica Jones. I'm talking Daredevil, Doctor Strange, more. "Heroes" represents a great opportunity to show off the street-level splendor of the Marvel Universe.


I'd like to see a Whedon-developed show about the MCU's shadowy organization as much as the next guy. But there are a few issues to deal with. One, critical agents like Nick Fury and Black Widow are played by actors too high-caliber for weekly network television; they'd be cameos at best, recast or completely uninvolved at worst. Two, such a show is absolutely begging for Agent Coulson to be involved and, well, we know how that one worked out. Still, if anyone can make a "S.H.I.E.L.D." series sans the big leads work, it's Whedon.

"Secret Avengers"

Exactly how many Avengers teams are there in the comics right now anyway? Short answer: lots. Virtually every Marvel hero has worked as one of or alongside Earth's mightiest at some point in there career, so why not use them as the foundation of a "Secret Avengers" squad built to deal with threats when the big guns aren't available? U.S. Agent, Doctor Strange, Hercules, even Black Panther — this is a place where all of them could shine.

"The Hulk"

Much credit to Mark Ruffalo for making a winning Bruce Banner, but Whedon had a strong role to play in that success as well. Even without Ruffalo in the lead, there's perhaps no one better than Whedon to make a weekly show about the Jade Giant work. Besides, Guillermo del Toro very recently said his "Hulk" series is waiting on a particular writer to become available. Could Whedon be that writer?


A no-brainer, and my favorite option of the bunch, is a Whedon-led "Runaways" series. He's already written several comics about Marvel's truest truants. He knows how to write scrappy teens in impossible situations better than anyone. A "Runaways" show could be the perfect way to set the stage for the long rumored "Runaways" movie. Get "Runaways" creator and "Lost" alum Brian K Vaughan on board as head writer, team him up with Whedon as creative consultant, and the ingredients are there for an instant hit for Marvel, Disney and fans everywhere.

Suggest your own Whedon-helmed Marvel show in the comments below or on Twitter!

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