'Walking Dead' Season Three: Behold A New Poster And Find Out Where Zombies Come From!

Walking Dead

Two bits for you "Walking Dead" fans to chew on today. Up first, as seen above you, is a brand new banner for season three of the AMC survival horror series, showcasing all the old favorites you've come to know and love — Rick, Daryl, Glenn — as well as some of the newcomers we can't wait to meet, like Michonne and The Governor.

On top of that, AMC (via CBM) has posted a new video with monster master Greg Nicotero walking you through the kinds of zombies you can expect to find in season three. Watch the video below.

"This season, one of the things we wanted to do is be able to bash, crush, smash, destroy some of our walkers," Nicotero says while showing a model zombie head that can be filled with blood. He also shows off a zombie puppet that will have an articulated mouth and eyes.

"The things that we finessed and fine-tuned for season two, we've already been able to accentuate for season three. The gags, the walker make-up will continue to be visually interesting and exciting," says the co-executive producer. "My goal as a fan and as an audience member is to always push it one level further."

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