Fox Won't Trade Galactus For 'Daredevil' Deadline Extension, According To New Report


News of that Galactus + Silver Surfer for "Daredevil" deadline extension deal got fans around the web understandably excited. The prospect of the planet eater and his silver herald surfing into an "Avengers" movie near you at some point down the line? Tastier than a plate of Earth seasoned with star salt.

But it looks like that trade might not be on the table after all. Deadline has a conflicting report citing studio sources who have "strenuously denied" the potential deal between Marvel and Fox. Instead of Marvel negotiating to allow Fox to extend their deadline on "Daredevil" in exchange for "Fantastic Four" characters (including Galactus and Silver Surfer), the real question is whether or not Fox can get Marvel/Disney to co-finance their "Daredevil" reboot — and if they can't, they might just let the rights revert back to Marvel.

"Those insiders said that with Josh Trank aboard to direct, 'Fantastic Four' is a big priority and the studio would be crazy to give away a cornerstone villain. Especially when the studio is very lukewarm about rebooting Daredevil," reports Deadline. "While Joe Carnahan has come to the studio with a take, it sounds like Fox is ready to let it revert to Disney-owned Marvel, unless Disney is interested in co-financing."

The upshot of that is "Daredevil" could very likely return to Marvel Studios, an outcome that most fans would be very happy with. But there are two downsides that I can see right away: one, that Marvel has so much on their plate already, that the chances of seeing another "Daredevil" movie anytime before 2015 are essentially zero. (Though he would make a great candidate for a Marvel TV show, wouldn't he?) The other big negative is, well, who other than Marvel would actually give us a giant walking, talking, purple-helmet-wearing and totally-not-a-cloud version of Galactus? Seeing him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would absolutely be priceless. Count me as one fan hoping the original reports have it right, and this new report has it wrong.

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