Joe Carnahan Directing 'Daredevil', Silver Surfer And Galactus Move To Marvel?


Fox has been trying to get a "Daredevil" reboot off the ground for a while now, but things weren't looking great for the blind superhero when David Slade left the project last month. Fortunately, Fox reportedly has its eyes set on a new director in the form of "The Grey"'s Joe Carnahan... though the studio is running out of time to make the movie.

Variety has learned that Carnahan is Fox's choice for the directing gig, though an official offer hasn't been made. But the rights to "Daredevil" are close to reverting back to Marvel because Fox has taken too long developing the project (Ben Affleck's "Daredevil" came out in 2003). There are no hard feelings between the studios, though, and it turns out that their head honchos are working on a deal that could make everyone—including us—happy.

Marvel and Fox are working on a trade-off deal that would give Fox more time to make "Daredevil" if the studio would be willing to give Marvel the movie rights to some of its comic book characters that are currently owned by Fox, Variety reports. Chief among them are Galactus and the Silver Surfer from the "Fantastic Four" universe. Apparently it's up to Fox now to decide if that's something they'd be willing to do.

The companies will be setting an interesting precedent if Fox agrees. Before the studio started making its own movies about its comic book characters, it had already sold off the rights to superheroes like the X-Men, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, The Punisher and Ghost Rider. Now Marvel can't use those characters in its ensemble cinematic universe, though there have been some discussions for crossovers with Sony and their "Amazing Spider-Man" films.

"Daredevil" will have to start shooting by October 10 for Fox to retain control of the character otherwise. Expect this situation to develop more over the coming weeks.

Which characters would you rather see Marvel regain control over: Daredevil or the Fantastic Four? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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