Hugh Jackman Gets Hairy For 'The Wolverine'


My, what long hair you have, Hugh Jackman.

Only yesterday we saw set photos of Jackman with hair shorter than we've ever seen Wolverine wear it before. Now he seems to have gone the other extreme, as Comic Book Movie shows in the images they gathered of Jackman on the set of "The Wolverine" looking significantly hairier and more grizzled. It seems as though a portion of the film will feature Logan ditching the badass pompadour he sported in the previous "X-Men" films for the sake of not shaving, cutting his hair or potentially even showering. (Let's face it, he looks pretty grody in these images...)

So why would "The Wolverine" force Jackman to do this to himself? It could all have a little something to do with Frank Miller's "Japanese Saga."

By now we know that Logan will be headed to Japan in "The Wolverine." It's unclear whether this storyline will follow the one in the comic books at all, but the scene that the set photos are seemingly detailing match up pretty well with the events at the beginning of "Wolverine" #1. And that means we could even see Wolverine fight a bear.

In the comics, Logan confronts a grizzly bear in the Canadian Rockies who is acting erratically. He notices during the fight that there's an arrow in the bear's back and soon discovers that it was poisoned, thus causing the bear's behavior. Logan then heads to a local town to find the hunter responsible for this and ends up beating the crap out of the man. Please, universe, let this happen.

"The Wolverine" is due in theaters on July 26, 2013.

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