Final 'Dredd' Poster Is Dark, Stormy And Dangerous


After all the teasers and posters and preview screenings at Comic-Con, which I missed, I'm ready to see "Dredd" already. September 21 is still too far away for my liking, but luckily for me and my fellow fans of the upcoming big screen reinvention of the cult British comic, we have a new poster to ogle. See it below!

Just look at how menacing, authoritative and tall Karl Urban-as-Judge Dredd is, standing atop some crumbling building, surrounded by a city that is also crumbling, and on fire to boot.

"Judgment is coming," reads the poster's tagline, which in my mind is followed by the quoteable one-liner from the previously-released motion poster: "The sentence is death!" The mostly black and red accents work well to make the film's gritty future look, well, gritty and futuristic. I'm also briefly reminded of the Sentinels in the X-Men cartoon series, despite the color and structure differences. But it all says 'tough' and 'dangerous,' regardless.

And remember, Urban has promised us a completely new and different experience with this film.

"I saw [Stallone's] movie when it came out in '94. Tonally, these films couldn't be more different," he said. "I think it's a difference of if you like your characters wearing lycra and gold cod pieces, then his film's the one for you. But if you like badass movie where your heroes are real and wearing leather and motorbike suits and body armor and hardcore gritty punches, this is the one for you."

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