Hugh Jackman Gives 'Wolverine' A Haircut, Gets Thrown Into Prison

Hugh JackmanSo, it looks like Logan's claws got a little too close to his head. For his next appearance in "The Wolverine," Hugh Jackman is trading in the adamantium-laced berserker's signature hair for a much shorter look than usual, as you can see to the right.

The photo comes from a recent interview Jackman gave to The Leader while taking a break from filming scenes at Bonna Point Reserve, Kurnell.

"It's a beautiful spot here," he said. "This is the first time I’ve been to Kurnell and the location is great." The article notes that this is the second and final day of shooting in Kurnell; production is expected to wrap up in mid-November with some shooting taking place in Japan as well.

More photos of Jackman on set show off much more than just the short haircut for The Best There Is At What He Does. Comic Book Movie has a whole bunch, including the one below, showing Logan sprinting through what looks to be that Japanese prisoner of war camp we've already heard about a few times.

Hugh Jackman

Head over to CBM for much more.

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