Jessica Biel: A Comic Book Role 'Would Be Great,' But 'Wonder Woman Is A Tough One'

Jessica Biel

So, Jessica Biel won't be going up against Logan after all. The "Total Recall" actress recently turned down the opportunity to play the villainous Viper in "The Wolverine," the currently-shooting "X-Men" movie from James Mangold. But does that mean she's completely closed off to playing a comic book character at some point down the line? Not at all — but it doesn't look like her stance on Wonder Woman has softened much.

In an interview with Latino Review, Biel was asked if she'd ever be up for playing a superhero. "That would be great," she answered, "[but] they're really hard to find." When asked if she'd want to play a hero like Wonder Woman, Biel didn't seem as up for it.

"I think Wonder Woman is a tough one," she said. "I think people have had a really hard time adapting it."

Years ago, Biel's name cropped up as a contender to play the Amazonian hero, but the casting never panned out. In 2009, Biel told MTV News that she would certainly consider playing Wonder Woman if the right script came along.

"If Wonder Woman had the right script and it was really powerful and emotional and interesting, I would be into that kind of thing," she said. "I feel that sometimes the character development gets thrown to the wayside in those movies, and I’m really interested in that kind of thing … So if both the elements could be there — the physicality and a real developed character, whether it’s a Wonder Woman thing or a Justice League thing — I’m open to it."

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