'Dark Knight Rises' Composer Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Batman's Sound

Dark Knight Rises

The "Dark Knight" trilogy owes its success to several key players, with Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale certainly the easiest two to identify. But don't forget about some of the other important figures who worked on Batman's big-screen resurrection from behind the scenes — namely Hans Zimmer, the series' composer, and Richard King, the supervising sound editor and designer across Nolan's Batman films.

Zimmer and King's work is at the core of a new Sound Works Collection video all about the sound effects and music featured in "The Dark Knight Rises." The video covers a wide range of topics from the sounds of The Bat, the Deshi Basara chant, and what went into creating Bane's voice.

Watch the video below!

My two favorite details learned in the video: that The Bat was composed of five different "food groups" of sounds including "jet," "blade," "growl," "buzz flange" and "bat moan," and that early work on creating Bane's voice consisted of experimenting with "fluids through tubes and gaseous additions to his voice." That's just scratching the surface of all the interesting details contained in the Sound Works Collection piece. If you're a "Dark Knight" fan, you need to check it out.

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