'Dark Knight Rises' Clears $300 Million Domestically

Dark Knight Rises

It's not on track for the record-obliterating success that "Marvel's The Avengers" enjoyed earlier this summer, but don't pity "The Dark Knight Rises." It's having a very fruitful time at the box office as it is — so much so that it just made history of its own.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that "Dark Knight Rises" crossed the $300 million mark at the domestic box office on Tuesday (July 31), making it only the third movie released in 2012 to attain such an achievement. Only "Avengers" and "The Hunger Games" have performed better at the box office this year.

Additionally, "Rises" is now the fastest movie to hit the $300 million mark, speeding to that figure in just 12 days of release. "Avengers" cleared that milestone in nine days, while "The Dark Knight" hit that number in 10 back in 2008. Nice work, Batman!

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