Wes Craven, Steve Niles Team For 'Coming Of Rage'

Coming of RageWes Craven is going to be directing an upcoming comic book movie. He just needs to publish the comic book first.

Deadline is reporting that the "Nightmare on Elm Street" director is teaming with "30 Days of Night" creator Steve Niles to produce a new graphic novel called "Coming of Rage." Craven conceived the idea, and Niles put the ideas to paper. After it is released, the plan is to then develop the comic as a feature film.

"Coming of Rage" will be due in stores as both a five-issue comic series and graphic novel at some point next year.

This will be Craven and producer Arnold Rifkin's first publication through Liquid Comics, which they partnered with back in 2010. There's no word on what the series will be about, but Deadline is saying that "it is pretty clear that there'll be a healthy dose of horror, blood and suspense." The above teaser image is the only concept we have to go on for the project.

In terms of the movie, Liquid Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan and Rifkin, who produced "Live Free or Die Hard," are developing the feature film alongside Craven. Though the plan is to make movie following the release of the comic, it isn't locked into place yet.

This is an interesting turn for Craven, who returned to his "Scream" franchise last year and both wrote and directed the horror film "My Soul to Take" back in 2010. But if anyone has proved that horror is just as prevalent on a comic book page as it is on the big screen, it's Niles. We're intrigued to see what the two of them can come up with to terrify us in "Coming of Rage."

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