Could 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Work Without Marc Webb Behind The Lens?


There's a chance that "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" could go forward without Marc Webb. An earlier report says that the director's commitment to Fox Searchlight could be enough to prevent him from making a sequel to Sony's hit comic book movie if a new deal cannot be reached. But would that be a bad thing? I'm not quite sure.

Webb, who made a name for himself with the 2009 hit "(500) Days of Summer" has a very distinct style of filmmaking that lent itself well to "The Amazing Spider-Man." Those first-person web-swinging perspectives! That love story! But with studios becoming increasingly comfortable with switching up directors mid-series, Sony might be just fine if Webb can't return for number two. Some pros and cons after the jump.

Pro: Other Franchises Have Done It

"Harry Potter." "The Hunger Games." The Marvel cinematic universe. The James Bond movies. These are all examples of series that remained successful even though they had different directors for their various installments. Heck, even "Empire Strikes Back" wasn't directed by George Lucas. Granted there are plenty of examples of comic book series that were better off because they had the same director (Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" trilogy and Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" films, for instance), but there's no guarantee that "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" would fail just because Webb isn't involved.

Con: Webb Has A Unique Visual Style

Webb is an ideas man, and those ideas really came forth in "The Amazing Spider-Man." Could a different director emulate and push forward the visual styles Webb introduced in "The Amazing Spider-Man"? Maybe, but likely not as well. Webb flourished in the comic book medium and we'd love to see him continue to experiment in a sequel to this hit. Plus, I do love it when series have one unique voice telling their story.

Pro: It Could Be Better For Sony In The End

Sony ran into some trouble with Raimi when they tried to put together "Spider-Man 4," and that's part of the reason why the studio opted to reboot the franchise. They still need stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone (for a while) to keep "The Amazing Spider-Man" cohesive, but Sony might have an easier time on the business side of things if they can get a different director for each of this series' installments.

Con: He Has Unfinished Business

What's the deal with Peter Parker's parents? That's the biggest question I had walking out of theaters following "The Amazing Spider-Man." Webb clearly had a plan in mind for future "Spider-Man" films, and we'd like to see him follow that through. Another director might be able to tell the rest of the story suitably, but we'd like to see Webb finish what he started.

Pro: Webb Could At Least Direct "The Amazing Spider-Man 3"

Let's face it: Sony will likely want to make a third "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie. But if Webb is locked down for two Fox Searchlight movies like the aforementioned report says he might have to be, then he definitely won't be free to direct the final movie in the trilogy. That would likely hit fans harder than him not doing the second film. And if Webb sits this one out, there's always the chance that he could come back for number three without having double the commitment to Fox. Or, you know, he could always direct "2" and "3" back-to-back, as one commenter pointed out.

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