Tom Hardy's 'Star Trek: Nemesis' Audition Shows Early Signs Of Bane


Before he played the misunderstood (in more ways than one) villain Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises," Tom Hardy got his bad guy on in another beloved franchise: "Star Trek."

Hardy starred in "Nemesis," the tenth "Star Trek" feature film and the final appearance of the "Next Generation" cast, as Praetor Shinzon, a clone of Jean-Luc Picard and leader of the Remans. It was a scene-chewing role for Hardy, as you can imagine, him paying a younger, evil version of Patrick Stewart and all. But more relevant to our current purposes, Hardy's turn as Shinzon showed us important, early traces of his eventual interpretation of the monstrous Bane — all of which you can see for yourself in Hardy's "Nemesis" audition tape below.

From the inflections in his voice to the look in his eyes, Hardy's first foray into big-budget A-list villainy was a great indicator of the Bane to come. If nothing else, you can imagine it as an alternate universe where Professor Xavier went head to head with Batman's greatest nemesis. Trippy stuff!

Thanks to Blastr for the video.

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