Marc Webb Could Direct 'Spider-Man' Sequel If He Agrees To New Fox Deal


An "Amazing Spider-Man" sequel is already in the works, with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci tackling the screenplay, and a release date set for May 2014. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, too, are expected to return. Less clear is the director — will Marc Webb swing behind the lens again, or is it someone else's turn to guide the webslinger forward?

The answer to that question largely depends on Webb's schedule, it seems. It was previously reported that Webb has a commitment to Fox that might stand between him and the next "Spider-Man" movie. Now, a new report from the Los Angeles Times indicates that there's a possible solution to that problem — but it requires a major commitment on Webb's part.

According to the report, Fox might free up the "(500) Days of Summer" filmmaker to go ahead and direct Peter Parker's next adventure, but at a cost. Instead of being signed on to direct one movie for Fox, the studio would ask for a second picture from Webb. If such a deal were reached, that would put Webb on the path of a second "Spider-Man" film, with two locked-in features for Fox to follow. That's a hefty commitment for the up-and-comer, one that causes you to wonder what the cost would be for Webb to helm the third and reportedly final "Amazing" movie.

It's not an easy situation for Webb, Sony or Fox, no doubt about it. But an answer one way or the other should come soon. May 2014 isn't as far away as you might think, and a filmmaker — whether it's Webb or someone else — needs to get behind Spider-Man sooner rather than later.

Do you think Webb will be back for the "Spider-Man" sequel, or will another director step in and take his place? Let us know what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!

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