FX Considering 'Powers' Redo With Brand New Cast


FX really hasn't given up on "Powers" after all, if the network's head honcho John Landgraf can be believed.

At the Television Critics Association press tour this past weekend, Landgraf spoke out about the planned adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's "Powers," revealing to IGN that a reshoot on the pilot could happen in the near future — with a brand new cast, no less.

"What we ended up doing is hiring Chic Eglee, who had done the work on the pilot we shot. Not only to rewrite the pilot that we had shot, but to do three more episodes and put together a writing staff," said Landgraf. "So we are going to end up having four scripts for 'Powers.' And if we elect to move forward, yeah, I think we will just go back and reshoot the pilot from scratch, with a new cast in all probability."

That's not to say it'll be a brand new cast all around, however. Landgraf hinted that Jason Patric, who starred as powered detective Christian Walker in the pilot, might be interested in returning.

"I think there’s a possibility that some of the original cast members might return," said the network exec. "Jason Patric certainly wants to look at the material and wants to render an opinion about whether he still wants to be involved in the project. But it’s just as likely, I think, that we’d just start from scratch and reshoot it."

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