'Dark Knight Rises' Sketch Reveals Early Bane Designs

The Bane of comic book lore sports a mask more akin to a luchador than the technologically-enhanced super-terrorist seen in "The Dark Knight Rises." But once upon a time, the movie almost erred on the side of the comics in terms of Bane's mask.

Comic Book Movie scanned the below sketch of early Bane concept art from the pages of "Behind the Scenes with Batman: The Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy," the same source that gave us that deleted scene between Lucius Fox and Miranda Tate last week. I think given the options below, the mask that we ultimately saw was the best choice — but if you were hoping for a more faithful-to-the-comics appearance for the back-breaker, your eyes will probably drift to the middle left mask.

Thanks to io9 for the tip!

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