'Runaways,' 'Iron Man 3' Writer Drew Pearce Speaks Out On Upcoming Marvel Adaptations


"Iron Man 3" is right up there at the top of the list of comic book movies we can't wait to get our eyes on — as far as movies with release dates go, that is. In terms of movies that don't yet have their debuts scheduled, "Runaways," based on the Brian K. Vaughan comic book series about teenagers at war with their secret supervillain parents, is high up on the must-see list.

Drew Pearce is the writer behind both of those projects. The "Iron Man 3" co-writer caught up with Girl Gamer at Comic-Con this year and talked about the Marvel threequel, saying, "It's a huge global-feeling movie and it absolutely puts Tony Stark and Iron Man through a bunch of stuff they've come nowhere near before."

As for "Runaways," Pearce described himself as a fan of the Vaughan book from the day it was first published. Asked to chime in on the casting conversation, Pearce agreed with the masses that it would be best to go with a group of younger, unknown actors for the lead kid roles.

"And maybe it's the parents themselves that would [get] bigger names," he said. "What's most important with that movie is that the feel is as right as possible. I think it's a long careful casting job that'll be tricky, but hopefully amazing in the end."

Learn more in the video below. Big thanks to Comic Book Movie for pointing this one out.

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