'Walking Dead' Creator Shocked By Danai Gurira's Badass Michonne

The Walking Dead

Season three of "The Walking Dead" is going to introduce two fan-favorite elements to the plot: the katana-wielding, zombie-enslaving Michonne and the villainous The Governor.

It turns out that we aren't the only ones who are excited by these two big introductions. Robert Kirkman attended the Saturn Awards last night to accept The Innovator Award, and couldn't stop gushing about how excited he is for the upcoming season of "The Walking Dead" while talking to reporters on the red carpet.

"I can say that I'm completely in denial when I see Danai [Gurira] walk out on set and jump off the page," he told Shock Till You Drop. "As badass as she is in the comics, seeing her move and seeing her kill the zombies in motion is so much more intense that you can believe. Fans of the comics are going to love it. She's great."

Executive producer David Alpert was also on hand in light of "The Walking Dead" winning the Best Television Presentation award. He teased to Shock Till You Drop that the third season will ramp up the action from everything we've seen before.

"If you're familiar with the books, we're totally going to go there this season. We're going to do some stuff that's going to shock some people who don't know the comics. We're bringing back Merle [Michael Rooker]... It's going to get pretty intense and pretty crazy," he said. "The biggest thing I have to say is that, as the storytelling picked up at the end of season two, and the speed of events happening -- well, we're increasing it. Season three is going to be non-stop, in your face, intense. This is the point in the show that I've been excited about giving the audience since season one."

Kirkman also talked with Collider on the red carpet and explained how he stays inventive when he needs to come up with ways to kill off or maim his characters.

"'The Walking Dead' is about telling a dramatic story about human characters surviving the apocalypse. The violence and the horrific deaths and all that kind of stuff just kind of comes naturally in the writers room as we're trying to portray the world realistically and do the world justice and tell a story with these characters," Kirkman said. "I mean, I don't think we've ever had any kind of situation where we're like, 'Aww, we need to come up with a new way to kill this guy.' It's always like, 'Oh we could do this or we could do that or we could do this.' It's a pretty natural process."

"The Walking Dead" season three premieres on October 14.

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