'Walking Dead' Season Three Means More Action For Glenn And Maggie


Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon are both tremendously badass, no doubt about it. But those two aren't enough to keep their fellow "Walking Dead" survivors safe. Others in their group have to step up to the plate come season three — a message heard loudly and clearly by Maggie and Glenn, arguably the heart and soul of the AMC zombie series.

At Comic-Con, actress Lauren Cohan told MTV News that fans can count on Maggie to roll up her sleeves and get down and dirty with the zombie-killing this coming season.

"She's a strong character. When we first see Maggie [in season two], she's swinging a baseball bat from a horse," she said. "We know that girl exists and she hasn't had to necessarily show these colors yet. You can't sit around anymore. She gets to step up with the boys, trying to pave the way to safety."

"She's had enough," Cohan continued. "She wants to make a safe hold for herself and the people she loves."

For his part, Glenn — a character much more accustomed to getting deliberately thrown into the thick of danger, sometimes very literally — is ready to step up alongside Maggie.

"For him, protection and maintaining who he loves is the greatest thing. What's great about season three is you start seeing a symbiotic relationship not just amongst Maggie and Glenn, but amongst the group," said Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn.

"The key is survival," he added. "Survival brings people together, because you need people to survive. What's great about Maggie and Glenn's situation is, it's kind of a pairing. It's a very solid pairing of two that can carry out one thing very effectively."

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