'Dark Knight Rises' Actors Weigh In On Batman's Future

by Ashleigh Schmitz

"Dark Knight Rises" brings a true and definitive ending to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. And while we may not see the comic book hero resurfacing in five years as the "The Amazing Spider-Man" did shortly after Sam Raimi's take on the web-spinner, Christian Bale is still "very intrigued to see another interpretation of it," he told MTV News during a recent interview.

Since Batman's comic book origins, the masked crusader has had many interpretations. "Adam West did it fantastically, spoofing it. I'm sincere. He really did," Bale said. "We return to the dark [in the Nolan trilogy], which I'm told is what Bob Kane originally intended when he created this."

Regardless of where Batman goes next, "it would be very interesting to see what someone else does with the character," said Bale. "I'd be the first one there to watch."

But as far as continuing the "Dark Knight" tale within the Nolanverse? Bale's co-stars, at least, believe that "Rises" delivers a true ending.

"That's not for me to say," Joseph Gordon-Levitt said regarding a possible follow-up. "I think if you see the movie, it's very clear, it's conclusive and it's a great ending. It's not one of those movies that's just like, 'Well, we didn't quite know how to end it.' 'Cause those happen. They call it a trilogy, but it's not really a trilogy. It's just another movie to make more money. This is a trilogy, and this is the end of it."

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