'Oldboy' Is 'Dark, It's Gritty,' Sharlto Copley Says

Spike Lee might be giving us an Americanized take on Chan-wook Park's "Oldboy," but that doesn't mean the movie is going to be any less dark or intense than the original film.

MTV News caught up with star Sharlto Copley while he was promoting Neill Blomkamp's sophomore project "Elysium" at Comic-Con, and we couldn't resist asking him for his thoughts on "Oldboy." Copley was recently cast as the movie's villan and is in the middle of prepping for the role, so he's hesitant to speak too much about the part.

Though names and likely locations will be changed in Lee's version of "Oldboy," Copley promised that the spirit of the movie will remain true to the original. In fact, he thinks the fact Lee is making an American version of the film is better for both films because now more people will be made aware of the story's presence and likely go see it.

"They've been very true to the spirit of it. It's dark, it's gritty. They're not sort of softening it, which to me was important. And I'm very excited about that movie. I'm very excited about working with Spike and with Josh," Copley said. "I think it's going to be a film that is really worth redoing and make that idea that is such an unbelievable story accessible to maybe more people than it was originally."

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